Images & Nevermore

Rather than manage two web properties, I’ve merged an older weblog (Random Non-Sequiturs) and my photography site (Images & Nevermore) into a single unit. Still deciding if I am going to port old stories over – or just take an opportunity for a reboot… I decided … gave it the old “three finger salute” and rebooted the sonofabitch.


Barcelona Cathedral III-John P. Hoke.jpgMy Star - February - 2015.jpgPont Alexandre III Bridge - Paris - April - 2013.jpgMother_and_Daughter.jpgArches and Circles Squared - January - 2015.jpgJennifer at Westminister Abbey-01-2015.jpg894911_4807135971439_795170106_o.jpgpikeplacemarketred.jpg34thAndSunrise.jpgstarsmile.jpgBlindMonkeyBusiness001a.jpgBorder Collie in the Snow-11-2014.jpgJulio Nieto - Metal Skin I-01-2015.jpgSentinel in the Storm-01-2015.jpgThe Hand and the Knob-01-2015.jpgTower of London - Wire Menagerie - January - 2015.jpg