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Images & Nevermore

Rather than manage two web properties, I’ve merged an older weblog (Random Non-Sequiturs) and my photography site (Images & Nevermore) into a single unit. Still deciding if I am going to port old stories over – or just take an opportunity for a reboot… I decided … gave it the old “three finger salute” and rebooted the sonofabitch.

I travel quite a bit for my job, and a lot of this blog is dedicated to my photographs taken while on the road. Nothing herein should be seen as endorsed by, or the views of, my employer. The views, images, opinions and artwork on this website are mine alone and done in my free time while on the road.

Now that is out of the way, I do hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy taking and working on them.

Touchdown-John P. Hoke.jpgBarcelona Cathedral III-John P. Hoke.jpgMy Star - February - 2015.jpgPont Alexandre III Bridge - Paris - April - 2013.jpgMother_and_Daughter.jpgArches and Circles Squared - January - 2015.jpgJennifer at Westminister Abbey-01-2015.jpg894911_4807135971439_795170106_o.jpgpikeplacemarketred.jpg34thAndSunrise.jpgstarsmile.jpgBlindMonkeyBusiness001a.jpgBorder Collie in the Snow-11-2014.jpgJulio Nieto - Metal Skin I-01-2015.jpgBudapest Street Dancer-John Patrick Hoke-c97.jpgSaint Stephen at Sunrise-John P. Hoke.jpgAre you with the band-John P-c59. Hoke.jpgSt. Matthias Church I-John P. Hoke.jpgLove Locks III-John P. Hoke.jpgUnder the tower II-John P. Hoke.jpgWorlds a fire-John P. Hoke.jpgEiffel Tower at night -John P. Hoke.jpgViking Wood Carving-John P. Hoke.jpgAuckland Night MovesChristchurch Cathedral DistressedEarth-Sea-Sky IIChristchurch Cathedral Distressed II


All photos ©2010-2015 John P. Hoke