Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries

Over the years I’ve had the hardship damn good luck to travel quite a bit for business. During that time I rekindled my love of photography, capturing lights and shadows and manipulating them from some amazing locations around the world.

I grew up in the New York City area, and was a typical jaded New Yorker, until my eyes and soul were opened on a trip to Europe. While I grew up taking pictures, it wasn’t until this point I started to become a photographer. When I stopped capturing snapshots and started capturing moments in time.

Here in these galleries, as well as on my online store, are photos I’ve taken on these trips around the world, from as far north as Oslo, Sweden to as far South as the tip of New Zealand‘s South Island – and too many points in between to mention.

Currently, I am reorganizing this space (or at least trying to), starting by locations, but eventually there will be more areas by photography type, style, etc. Thinking about thinking and overthinking … such is my life 😂.

Travel Photography

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