Random Non-Sequiturs – Writing and Photography

John P. Hoke

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I am a photographer and information security professional who has the luxury (curse?) to travel around the world as part of my “day job”. Both the art and science of photography have been an interest of mine for over ten years, as well as the various digital post processing techniques and tools. The majority of this blog is related to photographs taken while traveling for business and while on vacations, as well as my other hobbies including  motorcycling and geeky things that tickle my fancy. While I may also post things related to my profession – Information Security & Risk Management such should not be seen as my company’s opinions, nor to have their blessings.

It's Always Guinness Time - Clocks and Girders above the Guinness Storehouse Floor, Dublin

Observing the Mundane

To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place …

~ Eliott Erwitt