Random Non-Sequiturs

Random Non-Sequiturs

Random Non-Sequiturs

John Patrick Hoke | Photography, Technology & Musings

Random Non-Sequiturs & Photography

I am a photographer and information security professional who has the luxury (curse?) to travel around the world as part of my “day job”. Both the art and science of photography have been an interest of mine for over ten years, as well as the various digital post processing techniques and tools. The majority of this blog is related to photographs taken while traveling for business and while on vacations, as well as my other hobbies including motorcycling and geeky things that tickle my fancy. While I may also post things related to my professionInformation Security & Risk Management such should not be seen as my company’s opinions, nor to have their blessings.

But wait … there’s more!

If you are interested in more about my gear, tools, software, the sounds of one hand clapping in the forest and the other Random Non-Sequiturs that are my life, head on over to the requisite About Me page. Probably fairly boring stuff, but it is there if interested, or you are suffering from insomnia and out of ambien or melatonin

Please do leave comments on photos and posts – knowing what people like about them (or conversely hate about them for that matter) really does help me and others learn from different perspectives. I’ve learned quite a bit asking an odd (or dumb) questions on other photographer’s and coding sites, so really, don’t hesitate. You can also follow me on the various social media and photography sites shown above.

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Writings & Non-Sequiturs

The blog section of the site dedicated to my writings and musings on Travel, Cyber Security, Home Automation Photography, current events & other "Random Non-Sequiturs"


Photography and images from my travels around the world, and closer to home in North Eastern Pennsylvania. Some of my favorite types of photography are travel, architecture (especially old cathedrals) and astrophotography.

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I've set up an online store-front selling prints and other items featuring my photography. Browse the available prints and options helping me to afford this addiction ... er ...  hobby👍🏻