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Drone Video Capture - Quick & Dirty

Taking the Mavic drone out and putting it through its paces. It has been a long time since I actively flew so I want to try and get out for a little bit each day and regain the muscle memory of the controls. As you can see I am still a bit rusty.

The video was captured in winds around 8.5 knots (10mph) and the stability of the drone was perfect, unlike the pilot 🤣. I plan on hitting locations near my apartment for the next few weeks and also get some better video editing tools set up. I have a full license to Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite so I’ll probably start relearning Premier (unless anyone has better suggestions!).

The video is straight out of the camera, other than mixing in some music and transitions in Adobe Rush and uploading to Youtube for hosting.

Drone in Flight: Image generated by AI in Elementor Pro

If you are in the general Bethlehem area and have some good places I should check out and shoot do let me know in the comments or use the contact page if you don’t want to let the entire world know about your special spot.

Flight Location

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