First Test Flight – Mavic 3 Pro

Test Flight: "Success-ish"

I got the new drone out for its first test flight, putting it through its paces for about a half an hour. The skies were beautiful, temperature and humidity were perfect. The problem was it was windy as hell down by the Lehigh River and cut the session short.

First impressions. Holy crap this thing flies amazingly. Even in the choppy wind the Mavic handled well holding its position without much adjusting by the idiot at the controls (me). The DJI’s camera’s stabilization really shines these images were captured with the drone bouncing around at 400 or so feet above ground level (AGL). First Flight – “Success-ish” is the best way I could think to describe it.

Something I noticed about the drone’s camera, the greens are oversaturated. I initially had the same issue with my Sony A7Riv until I built and customized a camera profile in On1 PhotoRaw to compensate. I am going to have to look into what CMOS sensor DJI is using in the cameras. If I can build a good profile it will speed up the processing workflow greatly.

These images are lightly processed. Using On1 PhotoRAW I tweaked the basics and added a slight vignette. Otherwise these are pretty much as shot. The only other edit was a crop of the shot of Steel Stacks to better frame the image with the trees in the foreground.

I’m headed to New York City for a couple days, and yep, I’m bringing the drone and will find places to fly and get some more photos and videos with any luck. Already getting my LAANC authorization requests set up and ready to go 👍🏻.  I’ve also been told by a very important human being that I need to name the drone … gonna have to have a think on that too.

Looking forward to getting this baby up in the air and capturing some really cool shots!

Flight and Photos Location

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