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Steel Stacks in the Clouds

I recently posted some images of Steel Stacks shot with my Mavic 3 Pro, but sometimes keeping your feet (and camera) planted firmly on the ground gets you amazing perspectives. 

I shot these images during Musikfest, finally getting around to editing and post processing them. 

I walk this area all the time, and each time I find a different view, broken bit of metal or stone, or something I have never seen the same way before. It never ceases to capture my attention and demand to be captured.

About Steel Stacks

For those not in the Bethlehem area, Steel Stacks is a huge (10+ acre) arts, music and cultural center on the site of what was the Bethlehem Steel plant on the Lehigh River.  Some facts about the facility from their webpage:

  • The two largest furnaces are more than 230 feet (70 meters) tall
  • From the west side of the “A” furnace (most westerly) to the east side of the “E” furnace it’s approximately 1,100 feet – almost a quarter-mile!
  • The A furnace is the oldest, dating from 1915
  • The furnaces each produced 2,600-3,000 tons of iron per day. Producing one ton of iron requires 3,366 pounds of ore, 1,676 pounds of coke and 724 pounds of limestone
  • Most of the iron was used in steelmaking, but a small percentage went to the iron and ingot mold foundries
  • The furnaces were last operated Nov. 18, 1995


There are a number of buildings on the site, as well as the National Museum of Industrial History.


Steel Stacks Location & Map

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