MacBook Pro Stand

Scratching an itch (but not the MacBook Pro)

I love my MacBook Pro, and with the M2 Max chip using multiple monitors is a godsend. The problem is that with two huge monitors on my desk, having space for the laptop is a challenge. Luckily I have a couple Bambu Labs X1C 3D printers, some CAD (computer aided design) software and a bit of time to mock up a stand. 

I drafted up a quick stand, bulky enough to hold the laptop securely and clearances tight enough to firmly hold the device – yet loose enough to not scratch the MacBook’s metal shell.

MacBook Pro Stand 3d printed to hold the device vertically between two monitors

After a few iterations in my CAD software, I got things where I pretty much wanted them and added logos and embossed text to the sides. It was now ready for a test print. The test print came out better than I expected and it is now used on my home office’s desk. I printed the stand using a 0.6mm hotend, .18mm layers and used Bambu Lab PLA-CF in a lovely jeans blue color. 

MacBook Pro Stand 3d printed to hold the device vertically between two monitors

Timelapse of Printing One

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If you have access to a 3d printer, you can grab the model file on my Printables page. If you like the idea but cant get access to a 3d printer, hit me up on my Contact page – I can print one for you and ship it for a fair price. As you can see in the image below its a tight fit, but doesn’t scratch the finish on the MacBook. 

MacBook Pro Stand - side view

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