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Articles & Other Musings

Articles & Other Musings

Building a Home Lab for Cyber Security testing and functions. AI Generated Image

Home Lab Environment for Security Testing

Why Build a Home Lab for Security Testing? In the Cyber Security field, theoretical and book knowledge pales in comparison to the insight gained from hands-on experience and doing the thing. This article kicks off a series dedicated to those wanting to get started in this

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Man sitting on the floor with many logos for various platforms

My Home Automation Journey

My current Home Automation project, its fits and starts and testing between Hubitat and Home Assistant – my final choice and where to go next

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MacBook Pro Stand 3d printed to hold the device vertically between two monitors
3D Printing

MacBook Pro Stand

Scratching an itch (but not the MacBook Pro) I love my MacBook Pro, and with the M2 Max chip using multiple monitors is a godsend. The problem is that with two huge monitors on my desk, having space for the laptop is a challenge. Luckily

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Drone video screen capture of Steel Stacks, Bethlehem, PA

Drone Video: More from the Sky

Get that drone out and FLY! Its been so long since I flew my drones I need to relearn all the muscle memory at the controls, and here’s a quick video at Steel Stacks

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