Rebuilding and Redesigning this site

Sometimes the best way out of a slump is to gut the project and redesigning it from the ground up …

So, I’ve been a major creative slump with a lot of things going on in my personal and professional lives – as well as the phase of all of Jupiter’s moons or some shit. I’ve started up my photography again, and even picked up a pen and notebook for the first time in a while – writing again.

Redesigning the blog is a work in progress. People going through the process of redesign
Licensed under CC 4.0 Credit: Nadia Snopek

One thing that I had to … needed to …wanted to do was redesign and simplify this blog. I’ve been running a version of this for decades and it was getting bloated and long in the tooth. The new layout had to be something straight forward and easy to maintain, support the galleries I have and a decent blog functionality. WordPress was kept around simply because I didn’t feel like rebuilding everything and migrating into a new platform. Besides, its been a long time since I’ve been down this rabbit hole.

Switching themes was something I knew I absolutely wanted to do. The prior look and feel was dated and bored me to death. I found VisionArt Pro from CatchThemes and started tweaking it. After a few iterations it was good enough for government work, and I pushed it to my live site.

Redesign – does it really ever end?

There are still a bunch of small issues and you may hit a Random 404 error here or there as I finish my tweaks. That said, the majority of the site has been cleaned up, redesigned, simplified and migrated. I hope you like it and enjoy the new images that I will start posting again.

Now I just need to GTFO there and shoot more now that the whole redesigning process is (mostly) completed. 🖤

Photo Credit: The header image is from Drew Coffman, who licensed this image under the Creative Commons

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