Beignets for Santa!

Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans
The Cafe Du Monde Photo Credit: Wally Gobetz 

It has been a completely crazy and busy end of the year at work and I have had little time for blogging or photography. For my vacation this month I had planned a simple staycation with my family, but as with most things, the best laid plans …

Jen and I have decided to go back to New Orleans for the week between Christmas and New Years, and gorge ourselves on Beignets and Cafe au Lait at Cafe Du Monde. Oh, there will probably be a Sazerac or two (or three) involved as well 🙂

I’ve been in a bit of a photo-funk lately, hitting the wall and not extremely interested in taking photos – hopefully this trip will help to alleviate that as New Orleans is a city just begging to be photographed, in and out of the French Quarter

Here are a few photos from past trips to the Crescent City 🙂

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