Trigger therapy

Heading to the range

This morning I am heading out to the Pennsylvania Public Range at the State Game Lands 127 for a little bit of target practice.  I’ve been traveling in Europe so much this summer that I haven’t been able to get any target shooting in.

Today’s therapy has been prescribed and will be dispensed in .30-06, .308 Win, 5.56mm, and .22LR at the rifle stands, and in .45acp and 9mm at the pistol benches.

Taking the .30-06 out is special to me, it was my grandfather’s rifle which I inherited when my father passed away a couple years ago. I try to take it out two or three times a year. The rifle is a Springfield 1903 that has been set on a German sporter stock, and it drills nails at this 100 yard range.

It is a beautiful day for the range, its in the mid 50s now, and after breakfast it will be in the low 70s and very little wind…

M1903 Springfield Rifles
M1903 Springfield Rifles

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