Brooklyn Transit Museum

A few weeks ago I visited the New York City Transit Museum to take photos of the old subway cars, machines and so many amazing vintage signs. It was a beautiful day out and one of my favorite human beings and photographers took me for a tour of the museum.

While it may be on the small side, the museum is packed with history of the New York City transit system. The location is in a 1936 subway station and has rotates different vintage subway cars that date back to the early 1900s. When you step back and look at the history from elevated rails to subway tunnels, its truly amazing that this system we take for granted was even able to be built.

There is something extremely beautiful about old machines, technologies and tools – especially when there is also a veneer of decay or rust. If you are in NYC and have a few hours to spend in Brooklyn, you really should go visit and take a walk back in history!

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Photo Location: NYC Transit Museum

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