Astrophotography and the curse of clouds

A couple things going on here on the astrophotography front that I thought I would post about… Firstly, I bit the bullet and placed an order for some new gear. I got a Sky-Watcher EQ6 Mount and a Williams Optics Red Cat scope for use with my Sony A7Riv. Both of these are on back-order, but I know I am going to be having about two weeks of cloudy night skies once they arrive. I will be posting reviews and more information about them as they arrive … oh and the pictures!

Williams Optics Red Cat 51mm Astrophotography scope / lens
Williams Optics Red Cat 51 Astrophotography Scope

Speaking of pictures, I finally got my butt in gear and created an Astro Photography section in the photo galleries. Right now its predominately Milky Way shots I’ve taken around North Eastern Pennsylvania with a Laowa 15mm lens on the Sony bodies, but as the new equipment comes in and I start getting out more I expect it to fill up quick 🙂

Last weekend I joined the Greater Hazelton Area Astronomical Society (GHAAS) and had a great time at the meeting. One of the presenters, Mark Casazza (TonightsSky.Com) provided some great information on astronomical software and websites that can be used for scope control, automation and finding some of those stubborn objects you can image but can’t see.

Now if I can only get the back-order to hurry up … patience may be a virtue, but I never said I was virtuous 🙂

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