I’m lookin’ at you lookin’ at me lookin’ at you…

Still learning how to fly the Phantom and control it with fine grained actions. I took the bird up to the FAA limit of 400′ above ground, and then came down in a nice tight spiral till I stopped right in front of me and snapped a quick selfie:

I took a selfie of me on my back deck with the drone
I took a selfie of me on my back deck with the drone

I had been playing with the camera settings in the Phantom 3 Advanced Android and iOS apps, and had left it on HDR which did not play great with the red shirt I was wearing – it was VERY bright.. so I had to convert from RAW to JPG to post … which was done in On1 tools, so I tweaked it a bit too..

Still looking for a good place to fly in the Poconos … but I think tomorrow if I get up early I’ll hit one of the local dams and lakes to do some videos

Post’s Location Map:

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