More Phantom Photos – then a crash

The tree jumped out in front of me … honest officer

Flying the Phantom UAV around after work, playing with the controls, got a bit more comfortable so I took it up between 350 and 400 feet and out into the forest somewhere around 500 feet. Got a couple good images, which I cleaned up in On1 Perfect Photo Suite.

First one of the sun setting over the Pocono Mountains, from 400 or so feet up, and the other of the house from out over the game lands.

Oh? Did I mention a crash? Yup. I got a bit cocky and was trying out flying in a circle around a 7′ pole I have in the backyard for my weather station… and as I was going round a giant hickory tree jumped out into the middle of my backyard and swatted the Phantom to the ground like a giant gnat! Honest! That’s exactly what almost happened. Luckily it was only about 15′ in the air when I flew into the stationary tree’s branches. The thing I regret is that I wasn’t filming – it looked hilarious on the tablet’s screen!

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