2016 ViewBug Photo Contest – Vote Early and Often 

So, I’ve been a member over at ViewBug for nearly a year now and have gotten some good feedback, exposure and gained confidence as a photographer through the contests and challenges available. Hell, I’ve even won a couple. As 2016 is wrapping up, the folks at ViewBug are having a “Photo of the Year Contest. Five of my images, which are posted below, are in the running for some pretty great prizes. I don’t normally ask, but if you can spare a moment (and think they are worthy) please follow the links below, and click on my image to vote for them.

Some of the prizes are pretty cool, and while I have zero expectation of winning this contest, placing well will help get some exposure to my images, as well as well… make me feel damn good 😉

Thank you in advance for your vote and support!

Wired PuppyVote at ViewBug Photo of the Year Contest

Wired Puppy?
Love how pet friendly London is, as opposed to most US cities 🙁

Eiffel Tower – FishyVote at ViewBug Photo of the Year Contest

Eifel Tower Fisheye
Experimenting with a Fisheye Lens and On1 Photo tilt-shift filters – really liking the way this worked out

Tower Bridge London HDR: Vote at ViewBug Photo of the Year Contest 

Tower Bridge HDR
London’s Tower Bridge at low tide on the Thames.

Lake Wakatipu – Glenorchy New Zealand: Vote at ViewBug Photo of the Year Contest  

Lake Wakatipu - Glenorchy New Zealand
Trees along (below?) the waterline of Lake Wakatipu New Zealand

Westminster Abbey Black and White HDR: Vote at ViewBug Photo of the Year Contest 

Westminster Abbey Black and White HDR-20160123-John P. Hoke
Multi-Exposure HDR image converted to black and white of Westminster Abbey

John P. Hoke

John P. Hoke headshot

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