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Ok, I am not a professional photographer in any way, shape or form … but I am a pretty good hobbyist, and love the creative outlet it gives me. So about six months or so ago, I joined ViewBug on a whim to see how some of my photos would do in a couple challenges and contests. I was pretty floored as I won the “Spring Selection Award”  back in April for a black and white HDR image of Westminster Abbey.

I’ve entered a bunch of contests and challenges over the past few months. Each time getting better and mostly ranking in the top 10% of each contents. Unfortunately, I haven’t been selected by the judges or by the popular vote as one of the winners… that is until the past week. Over the couple of weeks, I’ve won three more challenges – either outright or the “people’s choice” winner. I am damn astonished!

And the winners are …

The following are the four images that have won (so far?):

While these really are pretty much  popularity contests, they at least provide some feedback as to areas I am getting better at with my photography hobby πŸ™‚

I think I may finally get the guts to enter some of my shots in a real contest or two … Also I have to admit these may have been good shots out of the camera, but the tools I use (from On1) make them so much better!

If you are interested in joining ViewBug use this link (full disclosure, if you do join from the link we both get a free month). You can also see all the photos I’ve submitted and their awards (in and outside of contests) at my profile page.

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