Did someone say SPAM?!?

Updated at end of article 22June2015

So, I’ve been using the same web hosting provider for about 10 years and love the service and people… the one thing I am not digging is the tools available for spam filtering …  Long story short – I’m in the market for a spam filtering provider to point my MX Record to, or even a new email hosting provider all together. The current solution offered is not all that configurable, and is honestly a bit outdated technology – it is essentially the Maginot Line of my Anti-Spam fortifications.

Facepalm met by Spam
Facepalm met by Spam

If anyone has a good suggestion please let me know down below in the comments. My high level requirements would be a service for 5 – 10 user accounts/addresses, account level and user level spam fine tuning controls, if a complete hosted solution shared calendars, lists and contacts, etc. This is for my personal and family account(s) so bells and whistles while they may be nice, are not really necessary.

Mail - Bells and Whistles
Bells and Whistles? Nah… we don’t need no stinkin’ bells and whistles…

Yes, I know I could spin it over at Google or even Microsoft 0365 for Business, but they may be overkill for this … not that I am against using a cannon to kill a fly but in this case, the price needs to be justified… and those Google/MS Cannonballs are pricey πŸ™‚

Holy Shit Batman - thats a LOT of spam
Does he have a spam filter in that utility belt of his?

I may did end up going the Google Apps route, but I’d prefer to not go there if I don’t have to… meh.

Updates: Yes, I went to Google Apps, which worked out the best for the basic requirements around email. Some things that need to be figured out now are:

  • how to merge accounts from my old personal gmail.com – things like Google+, Picassa/Photos, gmail itself etc.
  • Migration of mail from deep in my folder hell at my old imap/pop3 account for hoke.org
  • migration of email aliases – or recreation of them
  • where does Google store beer… I’ve heard they ‘do no evil’ and it would be evil to not share their beer…

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