Sziget Festival – I’m (not) with the band

Sziget Festival – I’m (not) with the band

I am in Budapest, Hungary on the last leg of my European business trip, and apparently it coincides with Sziget Festival – one of the largest music festivals in Europe is in town this week. All flights were full (or as mine was – overbooked), hotels are packed, restaurants are crazy and taxi’s scarce.

One of the bands road crews seems to have hit the jackpot with accommodations – staying at the Hilton Budapest Castle Hotel. Their ‘bus’/’van’ was pretty cool looking, and I had my camera, so I got to play with some HDR and chrome trim 🙂

This image was taken with a Nikon d610 (3 exposures), the HDR process was done in Lightroom, and I used On1 Photo Suite for post processing.

Note to self: Check the Sziget Festival schedule next time before booking my audit trips 😉

Are you with the band? A band's bus parked outside the Budapest Hilton Hotel, Castle District.
A band’s bus parked outside the Budapest Hilton Hotel, Castle District.

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