Flickr again, or never say “Never”

Just a quick post. I have started using Flickr again to publish my photos in full size and resolution. I will continue to post them here on the photoblog as well, but storing the full sized files can get quite painful. Come on over and take a look!

Flickr header of my profile page / photostream
Well, I’ve been active on Flickr a few hours and already have followers πŸ‘πŸ»

I am currently publishing Lightroom images over to my Flickr Photostream and will be doing so for a while. Some of the image sizes are massive and they also need to be re-tagged in LR. To move as many photographs as I want to will take a few weekends of uploading. Longer if things go sideways. (Murphy has a law …)

The long term plan is to store the images on Flickr and then host web-friendly versions here in the galleries. The server I host on is a Lightsail virtual ubuntu server in Amazon Web Services. The VM does not have massive storage, and no one wants to have massive images that take forever to download. I’m going to start being rational on what types of images are stored on what service.

If you are a Flickr user, check out my photostream, like/favorite pictures you love and follow me for follow-backs. If you have any suggestions for groups or photographers to check out, drop me a comment below. ‡️

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