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Its been a long 5 out of 6 weeks of business travel this summer – but it is coming to a close very shortly. In 26 hours I get on my British Airways flight from Budapest, Hungary to London, Heathrow … then Heathrow back to Philadelphia … then finally back into the Poconos – my wife, daughter and the furkids!

My team and I have visited London, Wimbledon, Frankfurt, Paris, Oslo, Barcelona and Budapest – and probably should have included two or three other locations, but honestly, I am glad we didn’t… I’m sure they will be there next time …

Map of this summer's travel (so far)
Map of this summer’s travel (so far)

We busted our asses this summer, but also got to do a lot of sightseeing, took a crap-ton of photos the majority of which I have not had time to review (although some are now posted here) and learned a few things – such as you cant hail a cab in Budapest – you must call and schedule one – a hard lesson to learn standing in the sun in 100+ heat.

After lunch, I’ve got a few housekeeping bits to do at the office, then I am going to try to take a walk around the Castle Hill area where our hotel is, pack and get my rear-end (and the rest of me) home.

Here’s a sample of some of the photo’s I’ve taken along this trip that I’ve had the energy and time to review, process and post 🙂

Note to self: Next year, do not do Budapest or Barcelona in August

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