Dublin Ireland – Teeling and Guinness!

The second in a handful of photo posts from a recent trip to Dublin Ireland –  a few days holiday, and a few days of business meetings and reviews. This post is of images from the Teeling Distillery and Guinness Storehouse.

So, Jen and I took a few tours while in Ireland. These included the Teeling Distillery, Jamison Old Distillery and the Guinness Storehouse. If I had it to do over again, I’d skip the Jamison and Guinness tours – more of a Disneyland experience – all noise and blessed little signal. Each was also busy as hell and packed to the gills which made it hard to take any good photos, let alone enjoy the tour. On the other-hand, the Teeling’s tour was well run with small groups and led through a production pot-still distillery (the only one left operating in the Liberties). At the end of the tour we had an amazing tasting session. Jen (who “hates whiskey“) had a cocktail made with Teeling, and a glass of the ‘shelf’ product. I went with the single malts/single grains, and nearly blew my mind. These were the best whiskies I have had (and I’ve had a few…).

I enjoyed the tasting so much, I went and got myself a bottle of a 23-year-old, sherry barrel aged, cask strength Teeling – wont talk about what it costs, but it was worth every euro! I even got to bottle it, label it and box it up myself … and I will enjoy it when I get back to the States… every last damn dram!

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