COVID-19 Isolation at Bear Creek Falls

Yet another Groundhogs Day of Sparkling Isolation. Today I went out for a drive to maintain #socialdistance while trying to retain my sanity and escape my house. The weather was fairly nice early, so I stopped by Bear Creek Falls, one of my regular shooting locations here in the Pocono Mountains.

I have been itching to get out and shoot more often, especially with my new Sony A7Riv which blows me away every time I do get some lens time. This image of Bear Creek Falls was shot with the new body and my favorite landscape lens, Venus Laowa 15mm f/2 it has insane quality and zero distortion edge to edge across its full aperture range. The clouds were helping to reduce the brightness at noon but I still had to stop this shot WAY the hell down to f/22. I was trying to push the shutter speed to around 1/2 a second, and of course I didn’t have a ND Filter with me that fit the lens.

Bear Creek Falls taken during COVID-19 Isolation
COVID-19 Isolation at Bear Creek Falls – 15mm f/22 ISO 50 1/2 sec -3 EV

Processing Bear Creek

As for editing, I cleaned up the color and exposure a tad in On1 Photo RAW and added very little in way of effects. The photo looked really nice SOC (straight out of the camera) but I did crop the image to 16:9 ratio on a whim. Once sized the way I liked, I added some dynamic contrast, vignette and sharpened things up a tad. That was it. I loved the way the water coming down Bear Creek turned to silk and did not want to add anything that changed that feel.

Look, we are all going to be cooped up for a while yet, waiting out COVID-19 and flattening the curve. As we do that we cannot forget that our mental health is just as important as our physical well-being. If you have something that makes you happy, and it can be done safely, you really need to do it when possible! Don’t put pressures on yourself 24/7 we do not have to be productive all the time, and our brains need the distraction. Turn off the news, get the frack off Facebook and Twitter for while and simply chill the hell out. For me, photography gives me that, as does motorcycle riding or reading… find your Zen and embrace it!

Image EXIF Data:

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Image Location (Bear Creek Falls, White Haven, PA):

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