Phantom 3: Final Propeller Dye Job

Final colors for the propellers, a skin, and more

I really like the idea of dying the plastic propellers for the Phantom 3, and have been playing around with a number of different mixes to get what I am looking for. The final product is in the image below. The reds and blues are the same color, the differences are due to the lighting and the direction of the props (Counter Clockwise spinning props look darker due to lighting and angles).

Phantom 3 Propellers Dyed Blue and Red with RIT Dye
Phantom 3 Propellers Dyed Blue and Red with RIT Dye

I heated water to 190°F and poured into a Pyrex 3 quart baking dish. Using a glass 4oz measuring cup I carefully added the dyes into the hot water, mixing with a tongue depressor, checking the color using an old white T-Shirt. The blue was pretty straight forward, 3:2.5 (in fluid ounces) mixture of Denim and Royal Blue. I may have used more dye than was necessary, but I Dont’t Care – it worked out. The red was trickier, I used Cherry Red, Scarlet and Wine (everything ends up better with a bit of Wine). The Cherry and Scarlet was done at 3:2 oz and then I tossed in a dash of Wine until I got the T-Shirt close to what I wanted.

I also ordered a  skin for the Phantom 3 reminicent of WWII “nose art” from PCHobbies on eBay . It will arrive by USPS Tuesday, after I leave for a business trip to Virginia Beach, so I will have a project for next weekend to keep me busy (and frustrated I’m sure).

but wait … there’s more …

Yesterday, I went down to Dan’s Camera City in Allentown, PA to pick up more propellers and a battery… great people there, and the person I was dealing with really knew the product and was a great help – also picked up another extra battery … need to keep the bird flying! I also saw some used gear for my Nikon … may have to head back soon. 🙂

Tomorrow morning, DJI is releasing new firmware for the Phantom 3’s which should give Waypoints, Point of Interest and Follow Me modes … I cant wait to test these out this week!

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