Jim Thorpe: Social Distancing

So, with the current social distancing recommendations from both the PA Department of Health, the CDC, and just about every other damn medical professional on earth. I have been cooped up at my place for over a week and cabin fever set in. Yesterday was simply gorgeous out, amazing blue skies with a few fluffy clouds, and fairly warm. I grabbed my new camera and a couple lenses and headed into Jim Thorpe to take some photos.

I’ve never seen downtown so empty. There were some cars parked on the street, local residents who got good parking spots for a change, but there wasn’t a single soul walking on the street. It was both good to see as it shows people are taking the COVID-19 recommendations to heart, but it was also sad to see all my friend’s businesses and shops closed. Walking around an empty Jim Thorpe was eerie, with a ghost town feel, like I stepped into a Twilight Zone episode.

Introverts Unite!

Right before all the Coronavirus / COVID-19 issues broke out in the United States, I visited Dan’s Camera City and upgraded my camera body. Shelving my Sony A7Rii for a brand-spanking-new A7Riv body. I needed to go out and shoot! Besides, I also needed to learn all the new settings, options and features of the upgrade. As there was no one downtown in Jim Thorpe, and few cars driving up Broadway, I sat down in the middle of the street and grabbed this image.

Jim Thorpe: Anti-Socially Distanced in plain sight.

For editing, I did very little, and all within On1 Photo RAW. A few adjustments were made to the highlights and shadows, slight temperature adjustments, then wee bit of the Dynamic Contrast and Vignette. I did add a tilt-shift effect to blur the foreground a touch. Quite minimal editing, as the camera … wow it has amazing output.

For anyone keeping score, I was completely alone on the street and my car, social distancing doesn’t have to mean locking yourself in the house if you live outside a densely populated area. Out here in Jim Thorpe, especially outside town, its a very rural low population density area. Social Distancing is feasible here, in the woods or at some of the other outdoor areas in the Poconos. Just be smart.

Getting this off my chest

Ok, aside from the image, I need to get a few things off my chest. The whole Social Distancing idea is not just something being thrown around to make your life miserable. It is a necessary evil to prevent the further spread of this damn virus. Maybe you wont get sick, maybe you will just be a carrier with minimal personal impact. So What you ask?!? You could visit your family or friends and give them the virus, or bump into someone on the street, or at a beach like the morons at spring break. You could get someone sick who has underlying medical issues and possibly fucking kill them. Get over yourself. Sit Down. Stay Home. Wash Your Fucking Hands. Stop Hoarding Toilet Paper.

Do. Not. Be. An. Ass.

You say you aren’t worried about it? What about your elderly neighbor? Your brother or sister with asthma? Your Grandparents?!? See? You have a responsibility beyond yourself … act like it.

#covid-19 #washyourfuckinghands #stayhomesavelives

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