Chain Bridge Traffic – Budapest

I found this short time lapse of Chain Bridge Traffic I took back in 2018 while in Budapest for work. We’re all stuck at home trying to #flattenTheCurve of the COVID-19 pandemic. When not working remotely, I’m going through terabytes of storage. Its like a electronic spring cleaning.

This was one of the first time lapse videos I tried creating with my A7Rii and I think it came out fairly well for what it is. It is kinda quirky and whimsical … and a reminder of ‘normal’ life. Traffic, work, crowds, travel, people and being social.

I hope I can find the original files to confirm, but from memory, this was about 500 still images taken a few seconds apart. I used photoshop to create the time lapse and did some edits and added the riff in iMovie on my Macbook Pro. If I do find the backups of the original stills from the Chain Bridge shoot, I would love to recreate this with more skill this time around …

Regardless, finding this short Chain Bridge video brought a huge smile to my face while on pseudo-lockdown, I hope it gives you a quick giggle and lightens your day! We all can use more giggles and less binge watching cable news 🙁

Stuck in Chain Bridge Traffic Bonus

I was looking for an image for the header of this post, and found this one of Chain Bridge, which I do not think I have posted yet. A long exposure shot taken from the same location as the time lapse movie. The technical details of the image are in the EXIF data below.

Chain Bridge Traffic Long Exposure Image
Chain Bridge, Budapest Long Exposure

Until we get through this crisis, please #staythefuckhome and virtually travel through photography and art websites. Support your local businesses as well as possible, and remember this will pass.

Image EXIF Data:

[exif id=”5511″]

Image and Video Location (Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary):

[wp_mapit_map id=”10633″]

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