More Business Travel … oh joy

Oh the “fun” of business travel …

[Update 24-May-2016 – more travel posted to map and text]

So this year has seen a lot of travel already, and now that there have been some changes at the office, I’ll be doing a quite a bit more this year. As a way of keeping a log of where I go, I’m going to use the map on this page and pin each of my trips in 2016.

When they put the word “Global” in my department’s name I knew there would be some travel required, but its going to get completely insane/comical this year … almost like on MASH when Frank figured out that the M stood for Mobile and made the unit move across the street …

So far on the plan is Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Poland, London, Barcelona, Budapest, and probably Norway and Italy as well… racking up them AAdvantage Miles … HHonors and SPG Points too … at least I’ll have my camera with me the entire time for more images to play with 🙂

Ok, my June 2016 Travel is booked and set … Dublin, Ireland; Warsaw, Poland; London Area, UK … 17 days on the road – if there are suggestions for things I need to do in any of these cities – post a comment! I am totally excited I get to take my better half with me for the Irish leg of the trip … and my camera gear 🙂

2016 Travel Map

[nwm_map id=”3″]

If anyone is curious, I am using Nomad Map for this, and out of several WordPress plugins I’ve tried out for this type of map/log it was the best!


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