Another day (day 15 and counting) of social distancing, everyday seems like “water under the bridge” in the fight against this pandemic. In order to try prevent losing my mind, I went out looking for some new places to photograph in the general area. This is really one of the few things I can do while still retaining Social and Physical Distance from others. Driving back from the Francis E. Walter Dam in White Haven I caught this in the corner of my eye off the side of the road. I’ve driven this road hundreds of times, and never noticed this until this morning.

There wasn’t a soul in sight, I found a place to park and walked around until I found a shot I liked. Now for an admission, sometimes I’m brain dead. I recently picked up a new camera and grabbed an ARCA tripod plate for it. I should have checked before heading out, but the plate has two hex screws on the bottom which block my ball head from working with it. I had to shoot these all hand-held. This killed any ideas of long exposures of the water under the bridge, but I did try out some other settings for HDR shots. I’ll head back over the next couple days or weeks as… well… not much else to do under ‘stay at home’ recommendations.

Water under the Bridge - a stream and foot bridge in Bear Creek, PA
Water under the Bridge - a stream and foot bridge in Bear Creek, PA - Black and White HDR

Some of the geeky bits

I processed one of the sets of brackets using On1 Photo RAW for everything, including the HDR merging, and ended up torn between two looks, the color and a monochrome versions below. I am truly torn between them so if you have a preference please leave a comment.

I shot this with a Sony A7Riv mirrorless camera and a Laowa 15mm f/2 lens. The lens is fully manual, so I had it stopped down to f/16 and the camera set in aperture mode. Three exposures per bracket were grabbed at +/-2 and 0. I absolutely love this glass for landscapes, architecture and astrophotography! The lens distortion is minimal, coma is acceptable and it is tack sharp throughout its apertures. If you don’t mind manual focus you cant go wrong with it on the Sony Alphas!

What are you doing during your downtime? Post some links to your artistic outlets below in the comments! These artistic outlets will definitely save us from going stir crazy from cabin fever πŸ™‚
I hope!

EXIF Data for the Image:

  • Camera: ILCE-7RM4
  • Taken: 29 March, 2020
  • ISO: 640
  • Shutter speed: 1/15s

Image Location (Bear Creek, Pennsylvania):

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