Photography, Introversion and walking into the spotlight

Introverts of the world, unite! (separately, in our own spaces and without much fanfare). Last Friday night I held the first public showing of my photography at Fox Optical & Gallery in Bethlehem, PA. I have to admit it was one of the more intimidating and nerve-wracking things I’ve done in a long time. Putting yourself out there, stripping away all the masks, social and physical, and putting your work – thereby yourself – on display is humbling and scary and exciting all wrapped up in one.

Have no fear of perfection –
you’ll never reach it.

Salvador Dali

Dont Panic - Carry a Towel - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe

I love photography, love the process, the science and the art of it, but also because it is a fairly introverted hobby. I get to hide behind the camera lens, hiding in the crowd, stealing moments of light and shadow from the world around me. Afterwards I get to bend those pixels to my will and vision (in most cases) transforming the digital representation of the light captured into a static image that is based on the original, but not fully. Boiling it all down, I get to enjoy my art, yet do not have to ever come out of the shadows.

Without light there is no shadow

On this night though, I stepped out of the shadows into the light. Introvert to extrovert. Observer to observed. It was an interesting and completely anxiety ridden experience. This is the first time in longer than I can remember when I took a leap like this. I know that I am making more of this than it needs to be – but firsts are always scary – a random jump into the abyss with no parachute.

Introverts Unite!

How did it go you ask? Actually all things considered it was a great experience. The weather here in North East PA screwed with the number of people who were there, but those who attended were great and interested in the work, and how I come at photography.

Another photographer stopped in and we had a great discussion on HDR Photography and how some people overdo it (which I have done from time to time) but when executed right are amazing. I also chatted with someone about other places I should talk to about showing my work after this event ends April 30th. Not suggesting my introvert ways are now all of a sudden behind me. I will still skulk in the shadows behind the camera kidnapping unsuspecting pixels, but I think I may pop out into the light of day more often now. Someone please remind me to break out the Goth Approved SPF1000 to protect my pale ass LOL 😀

Thanks to everyone who took the time to show up and chat with me, and more importantly to Michael and Reetha at Fox Gallery for making this happen and dealing with a stressed out photographer ❤️!

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