What’s in my camera bag?

Updated 14 March 2020 with new gear I picked up recently 😀

I’ve been asked on a couple different occasions lately: “what’s in your camera bag?”. Alternatively, “You always have your camera bag with you, what do you carry around day to day?”.

Packed and Ready
Manfrotto camera carry on bag for when I need everything and the kitchen sink

I’ve been using a Peak Design large backpack for a few years now. It has literally been around the world with me 4 or 5 times and has taken a beating like a champ. I think it may be time to look for a new one, a wee bit larger, but I love this camera bag way too much.

For longer trips, I have a Manfroto wheeled carry on bag to fit additional gear, Macbook Pro, and some other bits in the overhead bin of an aircraft. Between the backpack and the roller, I have a couple changes of clothes, all my gear and electronics with me. Unfortunately, it is a reality that, airlines ‘lose’ bags, so keep your important stuff with you at all times.

Honestly, its no real secret. Letting it out wont compromise national security, or the nuclear launch codes, so this is what’s in my camera bag on most days.

Camera Bag Contents

That list above will change based on what I’m heading out to do. For Astrophotography, for example, I really only need the Laowa 15mm f/2 lens and the rest can stay home. But if it’s a Random kind of day, I’ll swap things around and take what I can in the camera bag. Its better to have things in the car you can get back to easily, rather than cursing yourself for leaving something at home.


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