So, as I’ve posted elsewhere, I am showing my photography at Fox Optical and Gallery in Bethlehem starting on March 6th. This is part of Bethlehem’s SouthSide Arts District First Friday event, and a Gallery Reception is being held on that night from 6 – 9pm.
I will be there to answer any questions while trying not to look too nervous. Ultimately, I enjoy photography because I can hide behind the lens, this will force me to be more ‘interactive’… or ‘social’ if you will. If I am there early enough, I may have to stop down the street at Social Still for a dram or two of their Sasquatch bourbon … for purely medicinal reasons of course!

This really is a cool idea, for an Optometrist’s office hosting gallery space for local artists. If you think about it, it’s a natural synergy – visual arts and an eye doctor. Plus, the office/gallery gets fresh and visually stimulating artwork. The creator/artist gets exposure to a group of people who would probably never see the works.

For those who are unable to attend the gallery reception event, but do visit at another time, I will have some information about each photo. Each frame will contain a QR Code that you can capture with your phone’s camera and open to the gallery work’s page here on the blog.

In case you were wondering …

Dr. Fox is my optometrist and has helped me a ton with my sight – living in front of a computer for over thirty years probably has not been great for my sight. I suffered from regular headaches until he got me set up with the right prescriptions. Now I can work hours without any headaches or strain. The rest of the folks at the office have always been great with my frames and the way too many choices available. So, if you need anything for your eyes, do check them out. What would photography be without sight 🙂

Directions to Fox Optical & Gallery: 28 East 3rd Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania:

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