Extreme Social Distancing

So, it’s time to bring Social Distancing to the extreme. Here we are with apparently the world coming to a messy end, COVID-19 spreading throughout the universe and people stockpiling toilet paper. What’s a healthy person to do when everything is closed, St. Patrick’s Day events in the region are cancelled, and everyone is either afraid of their own shadow staying away from each other (aka: Social Distance), or ironically up close and personal fighting over toilet paper? (Not just Americans either!).

COVID-19 Virus Image provided by the CDC - Remember Social Distancing folks!
COVID-19 Virus Image provided by the CDC – Remember Social Distancing folks!

Well, me personally, I’m breaking my motorcycle out of winter storage and going to go riding around the region for the day. It’s about as (anti) socially distanced as you can get. Just you, the wind, and the road for hours.

Anti-Social Distancing Fail

Yesterday I violated the whole Social Distancing thing and stopped by Dan’s Camera City in Allentown to pick up a new camera body I’ve been drooling over for a while. Now I am the proud owner of a Sony A7Riv which is replacing my older Sony A7Rii body. I am throwing it (ok, carefully placing it) in my backpack and going out to ride, shoot some photos, and generally relax and catch some Zen. Can’t wait to see how much I can push this camera with its 61MP sensor and the other updates to the monster.

Ok, let’s get serious (and calm) …

All of the above joking and frivolity aside, I hope you and yours are safe and healthy and stay that way. There is a ton of disinformation out here on the wild interwebs, and people should calm down and look to the experts for medical advice, tips to remain healthy, or how to react should you contract the virus. While this is a crisis, it is something that can be handled with sane steps, ignoring the bullshit that is inevitable, and remaining calm, cool and logical. Social Distancing is something that will help, although unless you live on top of a mountain, it isn’t something easily maintained entirely.

Take a look at the information in the below chart AND VERIFY IT WITH YOUR DOCTOR. Don’t believe it just because it’s on the internet! Some of the symptoms mimic or are shared with other seasonal ailments such as the flu and allergies. This is important because the hospital systems do not need to be overrun with people right now who think they have COVID-19 but have a head cold or the flu. Everyone is concerned, some are scared, and yet others are freaking out. This is normal but please take a deep breath and consider that any time an ER is treating/testing someone who does not have the virus, another person who may have it is waiting.

Are my symptoms COVID, a Cold, the Flu or allergies?
Are my symptoms COVID, a Cold, the Flu or allergies?

Once again, this is going to be a royal pain in the ass for a little while, disrupting society at times, disrupting our plans and daily lives. Get over it and wash your hands, stop touching your face and socially distance if you are not sick. If you are sick, seek professional medical advice and information and follow it regardless what the impact of potential quarantine may be. The life you save may be your own, your family’s and friends or strangers you come into contact with!

Now, I am going to post this and go for a ride on this gorgeous day in the Poconos. Life Goes On!

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