Photo Luggage … All I need is a Sherpa

This weekend, I’m going on a business trip to the UK, Germany and France for about 17 days, and getting my photo gear ready. I’ve picked up a few new pieces of glass and needed a larger bag, so I went with a roller carry-on for it all and will put my clothes in checked luggage.  The photo luggage I went with is a Manfrotto Roller Bag 70 that I got at Unique Photo in Fairfield, NJ – it fits all the assorted crap I am going to be taking with me:

While I’m taking the latter two Nikon lenses this go ’round, I am probably going to be using the Tamron as my main this trip to test it out and compare it to the other two… The Sigmas are for some specific uses that I hope work out … fingers crossed.

Fully packed, the gear bag looks pretty good:

Photo Luggage - Packed and Ready
Manfrotto camera carry on bag
Photo Luggage - Packed and Ready
Packed & Ready

If I could get my ‘normal’ luggage as organized as my photo luggage, I’d be golden!

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