An Unexpected Award: View Bug Elite Architecture

Sometimes the unexpected award via email can be wonderful! Like many of you, I’ve been cooped up in various levels of quarantine, self-quarantine, social distancing or just #stayingthefuckhome. Even though I am generally introverted by nature, this isolation has been really weighing on and getting to me the past 24 hours or so. My motivation has been dwindling and other than day job activities, I’ve been pretty blah.

ViewBug notification of the Elite in Architecture recognition of my photo of Sagrada Familia
ViewBug notification of the Elite in Architecture recognition

I woke up this morning started working from home, and checking my email, I got the above much needed unexpected atta-boy. One of my photos of Sagrada Familia was recognized as an Elite image in the Architecture category. I absolutely love this image and was elated to receive the recognition! My spirits were lifted and it gave me the kick in the ass that I probably needed.

You can view the image on ViewBug, here in the gallery, or on my SmugMug store-front as well. The image is also on display at my now on hold Fox Optical & Gallery Show in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – if and when things get back to normal(ish).

I’m not saying that getting a notification like this is a cure-all, resolves my issues related to the pandemic, or even matters that much in the greater scheme of things. What it does is provide a much needed distraction from the world and reminds me that we all need our hobbies and artistic works now. Art is necessary in times like these. If done well, art speaks to the soul of the viewer, directly from the soul of the creator. It is what makes us human, the creative sparks, symbolism, introspection and all the great aspects of humanity. It can soften the blow of the darker sides of life, or simply make one pause and appreciate the beauty.

So, before I get more touchy-feely over this, Thank You ViewBug for recognizing this photo and my hard work. Your timing was impeccable!

Everyone else, Stay Home, Stay Healthy and Wash Your Hands and don’t forget to take care of your artistic side no matter what it is… it will help you get through this!

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