On the road again – Redux

Oh the “fun” of business travel … On the Road Again … and again …

[Updated post and maps 14-Oct-2016 – Edinburgh and London/Bracknell added – link to previous version of this insanity ]

Its a day that ends in “Y” so I must be on the road again … This time I am off to Edinburgh for a PCI Community Meeting and then to London/Bracknell for some business meetings and reviews. I think I will have one more trip out to California this year, and then start all over again after the holidays.

Off to pack and get all my assorted camera gear squared away – next weekend off with my wife to find Nessie in Loch Ness … hopefully also some Single Malt Scotch tastings over the weekend and good opportunities for photography – if the weather play’s nice with me.

The leaves are fallin’ all around … time I was on my way …

Ramblin’ On …


If anyone is curious, I am using Nomad Map for travel tracking on Google Maps, and out of several WordPress plugins I’ve tried out for this type of map/log it was the best!

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