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I got a truly amazing surprise yesterday when I got home after a long hellish day at work. One of my photos over at ViewBug was selected by one of their editors for their Feature/Hall of Fame. This was completely unexpected, and surreally cool after looking through some of the other photos featured. This wasn’t because of some number of likes or clicks, but one of the human editors at ViewBug saw the image and featured it. Completely blown away!

The image that was selected (below) is a night shot of the Eiffel Tower with a 15mm fish-eye lens on my Nikon D610 (f/2.8, ISO 100, 1/6″).  I used On1 Photo to do all the edits on this, and I think I threw the kitchen sink at it. The cool / interesting bit was the use of the Tilt-Shift filters. I masked out most of the photo, leaving only the street and trees for the tilt-shift effect. The post processing created a fairly cool bokeh around the lights and people walking on the street. Even garbage strewn on the street was picked up by the effects and transformed into fairy lights in the foreground!

One interesting side effect of all this: I’ve gotten some great comments on the photo publicly and privately. The image also (as of now) has over 250 likes and/or peer awards. OMG and thank you!

Sometimes you gotta love getting accolades – especially after a shitty day 🙂

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