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It is Sunday morning here in Oslo, Norway on the second leg of my European business trips … this one is Oslo, Barcelona and Budapest. I got a few decent images so far and was about to upload one (will do so shortly…) and I noticed I had a bunch of plugin updates and a new version (4.9!) of Photocrati to install.

So any bets what I did after breakfast? If you said ignored the updates and went out for a walk you would right up there with “Mission Accomplished“! Installed the updates to the plugins seamlessly. The Photocrati upgrade did give me some fits with trying to update in the WP GUI – so a bit of command-line-fu and manual upgrade completed – unlocked fourletterwordinnorwegian achievement (hva dumme dritt – oppgradere allerede for faen skyld! jævla idiotisk koden!)

I will poke around a bit while my wife is sleeping again resting her eyes … if anything breaks, apologies in advance!

One thing I did notice is that Photocrati has added TONS of new widget areas – which initially scared the living crap out of me – my footer widgets were suddenly on the top of the page – and backasswards… a bit of poking about and moving things in the GUI and all is well again (I hope – fingers crossed). More to come …

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