Saint Paul’s Cathedral, London

Saint Paul’s Cathedral from the Banks of the Thames

I recently returned from a business trip to London and surrounding areas, and had some free time to walk around and take photos. It was interesting to be alone in a city again, with only my camera. On this night, the Thames was at low tide, so the beaches along Bankside were accessible by heading down some of the most slippery steps on earth … nearly took a header with tripod, camera and other assorted crap in hand.

Getting down to the beach allowed for some great images of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the river, sky and the lights reflections on the waters. Walking back to my hotel I also saw another shot that I wanted to take, but my @$#&! battery was dead – back to the hotel to recharge… kicking myself in the ass – but knew I’d be heading back.

The following day, with a fully charged battery, I went back to the Millennium Bridge and grabbed a few shots in multiple exposures which became the second photo on this post. I liked the way the dome and the bridge played together for the shot.

Once I found a place to sit and have a couple cups of coffee I edited both of the images below using AuroraHDR Pro and On1 Photo. Both of these applications make my life so much easier, not to mention my photos presentable 🙂

Saint Paul's Cathedral from the River Thames
Night HDR image of St. Paul’s Cathedral shot from across the Thames on the south bank beach

I have a lot of other photos from this trip in the process of being worked on, as well as others posted to my 500px account – feel free to head over there and take a look … and like them too if you are a member <G>

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