Westminster Abbey

Another image of Westminster Abbey from my trip to London in January. This one was captured using a Sigma 12-24mm lens at about 17mm on my Nikon d610. The HDR was created from two sets of three exposures (-2, -1, 0, +1, +2)  merged in AuroraHDR Pro and then tweaked about until I was happy in On1 Photo 10.

In order to grab these photos, I was sitting on the ground like a bit of a fool, with my tripod about 6″ off the ground waiting for either people to stand still long enough to get the shot, or to get a miracle and have no one in the frame … the former happened before the later. Luckily the fact I had to wait so long worked out as the sun was just about dead center behind Westminster Abbey when I captured the images – playing nice with the clouds above.

Westminster Abbey Black and White HDR-20160123-John P. Hoke
Multi-Exposure HDR image converted to black and white of Westminster Abbey

This image, and others are also available at my 500px pages . If you like, hate, have critiques or suggestions on how to make these images better please let me know in the comments here or on 500px

At some point I will have to post a bit on my workflow – good bad and ugly – but another day …

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