Happy New Year, Resolutions, and Housekeeping

Happy New Year (Resolutions) 2016!

Another New Year’s come and gone, and everyone will be rushing like mad to make, keep and then ultimately regret their New Year’s Resolutions. Some will promise to lose a couple pounds, exercise, get organized, write their generation’s Great American Novel, or simply to stop procrastinating about 2015’s resolution that died on the vine sometime in mid February of last year.

Not me … well, not exactly.

My resolution is to simply take more photos and post more often – good, bad or indifferent. My aim is to do so daily starting this Sunday (I know its the 3rd, but get over it… its going to be a LONG year). I am a complete amateur photographer, but I’ve been getting a lot better, and need to keep at it. It is my last truly creative outlet, which is probably helping to keep me sane, and I want to keep pushing it as far as I can … and as far as my day job will permit (which is why I resolved to take and post more photos as opposed to every day … I don’t always have the luxury to do so).

What was that about Housekeeping?

It’s pointless to have a nice clean desk, because it means you’re not doing anything.
~ Michio Kaku

No, much to Jen’s chagrin, I am not talking about breaking out the vacuum cleaner and straightening up my home office (heaven forbid!) but rather a lot of changes going on behind the scenes on the blog and server. First off, I’ve upgraded  WordPress to the newest version, with only a couple issues which I had to tweak (and one outstanding issue with Jetpack’s image caching system). I’ve also changed the layout/theme to the Photocrati package and will be trying a few different styles over the coming days – apologies in advance or anything that gets completely borked. I’ve also started to reduce the clutter of plugins, etc. and pared down to brass tacks as much as possible. This was all necessary to allow me to try and spend time taking pictures as opposed to tweaking code.

One odd bit about the migration from Photocrati version 4.x to 5.x is that I have to over the next few weeks touch all my posts and migrate the galleries from the ‘built in’ gallery to the NextGen Pro Gallery for WordPress … Photocrati version 5 has dropped the separate gallery system and is now bundling NextGen Pro – a great addition, but just a time consuming pain in the arse to re-edit all the previous posts  …

Hope you had a happy, safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve – and here’s to 2016!

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