Backyard Buck

Just “Bucking” around in the backyard

This pretty boy was hanging out in the backyard the other afternoon trying to get the attention of a couple doe in the trees on our empty lot. Luckily he was too busy watching his girlfriends to notice the dumb human with the camera.

If this boy knows whats good for him, he will stay within the community’s borders for the next month or two. If he strays over about a mile or so into the PA State Game Lands, things may not end up well for him… he is a beautiful buck.

I took these using a Tamron 28-300mm lens on my Nikon D610, and was a good excuse to try out the upgraded On1 Photo 10 tools while killing time in the AA Lounge.

White tail buck in the backyard, autumn 2015
White tail buck in the backyard, autumn 2015

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