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To Drone or not to drone …

Drone Meme: Once upon a time - only the government was spying on youWell, that question I’ve answered. I am looking at getting a drone to muck around with here in the backwoods I live in, as well as when I travel (where permitted). I’ve been digging around online and have narrowed it down to two options, the Phantom 3 Professional from DJL, or the 3D Robotics Solo-Drone.

Both have some serious pro/cons and I am hoping that someone has had experience with one or the other and can share their opinion(s).

It almost seems to be similar to the Apple v Android decision … the Phantom, like Apple, works out of the box, is self contained, cant be modified (much) but will work as advertised (mostly)… even if support is problematic. The Solo-Drone, like Android, is very customizable, can be upgraded, tweaked and may or may not work when push comes to shove if you over tweak it.

So – any thoughts? Leave a comment!

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