OMG – Nice Weather – on a weekend?!?

Surely this is a sign the world shall end!

Beware of Happy Motorcycle Riders! I’ve been on the road nearly all summer, and whenever I have been home its been pissing rain out… not a pattern that conducive to my stress relieving motorcycle riding… but not this weekend!

This weekend, other than some paperwork I need to catch up on, I am going to kidnap my wife and go on a long ride… which day, what destination, what time, these are completely immaterial. I need some serious saddle time on the Jack-O’-Liner, and my backyard weather station (link @ Wunderground)  says that its going to be perfect weather for a good long run… Sunday Morning Rides – whats on tap?

Beware: Low Flying Motorcycles – image credit – WikiMedia

Weather in Albrightsville, PA for the weekend of 8/21-8/22
Weather in Albrightsville, PA this weekend!

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