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MacBook Pro Stand

MacBook Pro Stand 3d printed to hold the device vertically between two monitors

Scratching an itch (but not the MacBook Pro) I love my MacBook Pro, and with the M2 Max chip using multiple monitors is a godsend. The problem is that with two huge monitors on my desk, having space for the laptop is a challenge. Luckily I have a couple Bambu Labs X1C 3D printers, some […]

Lithophane of the Moon

A lithophane print of the Moon globe lit from inside

I’ve had the Bambu Lab X1C for about a week now. Since even before I purchased it, one of the things I really wanted to print was this Lithophane of the Moon by Frank Deschner over on Printables.Com. It is a damn huge print, taking up most of the print area of the device. Maybe […]

BambuLab X1C – First Video

BambuLab 3D Printer internal image

Last week I purchased a BambuLab X1C 3D Printer, something I have been wanting to do for a long time. A good friend of mine has been 3D printing for years, and strongly recommended the BambuLab X1 Carbon, so it was an easy decision. I got the “combo package” which included the AMS unit (holds […]