Last week I purchased a BambuLab X1C 3D Printer, something I have been wanting to do for a long time. A good friend of mine has been 3D printing for years, and strongly recommended the BambuLab X1 Carbon, so it was an easy decision. I got the “combo package” which included the AMS unit (holds up to four different spools of filament materials). I really should have done an entire unboxing video, but I was so excited when it was delivered, I totally forgot πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ.

BambuLab X1 Carbon with optional AMS unit on top
BambuLab X1C with optional AMS unit

First of all, this printer is fast. I’ve printed a few tools, including a filament spool, and the speed really amazed me. I thought I was going to trade off quality for speed, but with the stock 0.4mm hot end, there was no perceptible degradation of the quality at all.

I printed up a birthday gift, a hand with crossed fingers holding a heart. The entire print took about 8 minutes for the hand and 9 for the heart. I used a blue PLA-Metal filament for the hand, and obviously a red PLA for the heart. A dab of super glue was used to join them together and voilΓ  a nice birthday gift.

BambuLab AMS image - 4 spool add-on
BambuLab AMS Unit with Filaments

A very cool feature of the BambuLab X1C is the integrated video camera, so you can watch your print remotely (and stop printing if things go sideways). It also supports creating timelapse videos of print jobs, saving them to a microSD card. I edited and stitched together the two videos and final images of the print jobs in Adobe Rush on my iPhone, and posted the final video to YouTube. Not the best stitching, but good enough for “government work” as I was doing it all on my phone.

I will probably add a 3D Print section to the Gallery once I get a few weeks of mucking around with it, tuning it, and learning more about how to better configure print settings for different materials and objects.

Not a bad first set of print jobs overall, and glad I finally pulled the damn trigger on getting the BambuLab X1C … a long time coming.

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