Gallery Showing – First Time for Everything

Well, its official, my first Gallery Showing is in March / April 2020 at the Fox Optical & Gallery in Bethlehem, PA. I’ve been involved in photography for years and never really thought about doing this, but someone recently talked me into it. I am extremely amazed, even if a bit nervous.

I just turned in a quick blurb for publishing in the next Lehigh Valley Arts Calendar and have started going through tons of images to prep for the event. I’m thinking that the focus will be on my travel photography and some of my favorite HDR images of churches throughout Europe

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”

– Ernst Haas 1921 – 2986

While I’ve sold more than a few pieces of work, I never really thought of my photography as anything more than art to keep me sane. A counter balance to my day job, which is extremely data/science/logic focused. Balancing the “Art” and “Science”, the left and right brain, yin and yang is critical to my mental well being.

No matter how this gallery showing goes, it will be a great learning experience, and take me out of my artistic shell and give me some great experience and feedback from people. Lots of love and thanks to Hudson Henry and Trey Ratcliff who have given me lots of mentoring, both online and the times I was lucky to meet them on different occasions.

Motorcycle Self Portrait - John Patrick Hoke at Francis Walter Dam, White Haven, Pennsylvania
One of the few pictures I’ve taken of myself, on my motorcycle at the Francis E. Walter Dam

We are currently working out all the details, and as soon as I learn more I will let everyone know. I guess I will have to stop hiding behind the camera for a night in March and be less introverted for a change … it certainly has been a long time…

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