Mother’s Day Present for Me

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! So, I don’t get into this publicly often. I lost my mother to cancer when I was just shy of ten years old, and she was 32. Like a lot of children, my mother was my world, and losing her at that young age has made that never really change. Mom wasn’t in many photos, at least that I have. I think all together I have around 10-15 pictures of her in varying degrees of clarity.

I posted this image to my personal Facebook account earlier today, as it’s Mother’s Day weekend here in the US. It is one of the clearest shots that have both my parents and me in it (I’m the somewhat chubby baby if you couldn’t figure that out LOL). It is a scanned image from a few of the photos I have, one of my favorites.

photo of myself as a wee one and my parents - somewhere in late 1969 or early 1970 that I posted to Facebook for Mother's Day
I eventually learned to hold my head up and grew into my head 😛

It isn’t a bad image, for what I had to work with, or so I thought. One of my Facebook friends, Mark Coley took the image and gave me one of the best gifts I ever received. One of his hobbies is image restoration, and he worked on this shot and made it (to me) spectacular. You can see how simply amazing he did in the before / after images below. This not only made my day, but I was happier than I have been in a while… at least since the pandemic started.

Before and After Comparison

If that wasn’t enough, he also made two closeup 4K Image crops of my parents faces that are unreal. I was at a loss for words and wanted to share this and thank him for doing this. It really was one of the kindest things anyone has done for me, and it was all I could do not to cry when I saw the closeups. They really are amazingly accurate and clear as day. Thank you Mark! I am a photographer, but I couldn’t have done such a good job … not even close! He really did a great job bringing out her red hair and blue gray eyes.

My Mother, 4K image - Thank you for the great work just in time for Mother's Day Mark!
My Father, 4K image - Thank you for the great work just in time for Mother's Day Mark!

Happy Mother’s Day – if you have yours with you still, don’t take it for granted. If you don’t then I am sorry, but keep your memories close. I hope all the Moms who read this have a wonderful day with their families ❤️.

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