Phantom 3: Video up to 400′

Phantom 3 – What went up …

… didn’t crash ๐Ÿ™‚

As posted earlier, I picked up my Phantom 3 the other day, and lo’ and behold, I have a vacation day today – funny how that happens ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, I went to try and fly at Beltzville State Park, as I found a page at the DCNR website that said there was space for flying unmanned arial vehicles (UAVs) at the park … and there is, but you first must join a private club to use the space and they gave me the contact info. While I found that odd at first, after speaking with Brian from the Beltzville Flying Machine Society I got a better handle on it – BFMS leases the space and makes sure all is done in an orderly and safe manner. I did have to join the AMA before joining BFMS due to insurance reasons (which I grok). I signed up with the AMA and will be applying to the BFMS this weekend.

Brian was great, even offering to take me in as a guest tomorrow if I wanted to work with the Phantom!

So.. hopes dashed – I went home and decided to take the drone up to top altitude. The UAV is locked to stay under 400′ so I sent the bird up with the video rolling the entire time. No editing on the video, just recorded and posted up at my YouTube site. The image below was edited slightly (resize and cleaning it up a bit) in On1 Perfect Photo.

More testing and videos will be on the way! 

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