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Happy New Year (and Screw You 2020!)

So it is a couple days into 2021, the hangovers and parties are done with. Here we are, a weekend of settling into the New Year has come and gone. The past 12 months have been a whirlwind of a dumpster fire, haven’t they. Well, I am going to try and leave all that behind and focus on some of the “good things” the COVID crisis has forced upon us.

I’ve been pretty isolated the past few weeks, between COVID restrictions and a bunch of snow. This truly has given me time to revisit images captured over the past few years of traveling around the world. Now, while I can’t wait to travel again, one good thing about being a photographer is that you have LOTS of digitized memories to look at over a New Year weekend stuck in the house. You even find some good ones that needed to be processed and finished.

Originally, I started going through images taken in 2019 because, well 2020 was 2020, finding a folder of files taken in New Zealand I never worked on. I fired up the computer and got down to some serious editing … ok … some not very serious editing. Really, I don’t take myself all that seriously 😀

The New Year’s Day photo work & output

The first image, which is below, is a multi exposure HDR shot of the Remarkables on New Zealand’s South Island. I found one major hurdle with multi exposure HDR processing – if the lens was dirty. Oh the work you will put in. I spent the better part of New Year’s Day sitting with my Wacom tablet removing spots throughout the image. It was a ton of work, but after seeing how it came out, it was worth it!

Sunset over the Remarkables in New Zealand, 2019

There are a few more images from this trip which I worked on and just about finished on New Year’s Day. I posted some over at my Instagram feed and Facebook photography page. I’ll get some more done and posted here shortly.

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