Sunset over the Pocono Mountains

Driving home in the Pocono Mountains, out here in North East Pennsylvania, I had to pull over to grab some shots of this gorgeous sunset. The sky was on fire, lit up with amazing reds, purples and yellows.

I had my Sony A7Riv and Tamron 28-75mm in the car with a tripod, so set up quickly and grabbed the images below. The first sunset is an HDR merge of three brackets (+/-2, 0 EV) and worked lightly in On1 Photo RAW 2020.

Sunset with fiery clouds over the Poconos
Sunset with fiery clouds over the Poconos

This next shot is a panorama of seven images stitched and developed using On1 as well. The colors really blew my mind!

Panorama of an amazing sunset over the Poconos
Wide Panorama of the Sunset over the Poconos

Not really up to a lot of writing tonight, so I will just leave you with these beautiful photos – we all need more beauty in our lives these days. For the photo geeks, the EXIF information is below 📸❤️👍🏻

EXIF Data (First Image, HDR):

[exif id=”5692″]

EXIF Data (Panoramic Image):

[exif id=”5690″]

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